December 15, 2013

transcendental meditation

In the past few years I've noticed that I had become basically a nervous wreck. Worrying about things. What kind of things? You name it, I would worry about it! Dying of cancer, my kids getting sick my husband leaving, my house burning down, my kids being unhappy, my kids being kidnapped, my kids being hurt, bullied, sad, alone, my husband losing his job, having no money, losing my house, having to take the bus, not having the comfortable life that I had grown so accustomed to....Take a breath!....BUT...... honestly it didn't really matter because this wonderful life I had been living was actually feeling quite hellish anyway........... SO.... Even though I was only worrying about these things, things that hadn't come close to happening I was making my life so unbearable to live that I had to do something to help myself.

Not wanting to go on medication as that has been the solution to most of my problems. I wanted to feel better, enjoy my life, enjoy my 2 amazingly content(despite my crazies) beautiful daughters and my sexy as hell husband who literally adored me and would do anything in the world to make me smile and feel happy once again. Wait once again? Had I ever really felt that feeling of complete contentment. Sadly, NO!

Feeling so ashamed at this point that I had everything anyone would want to have and was unable to actually enjoy it I desperately searched for help. I started therapy which was the first thing that started to ease the crazies but I still needed something more. I know most of you mommies are sitting there thinking that it's normal to obsess about the welfare of your children but honestly my friends it's not. Life is for living and living free of the what if's, the what may's and the what would's is not a comfortable optimal state of being. 

Yes, life sucks sometimes. It's been a year since Newtown and the deaths of those precious angels who had been gunned down by a maniac tortured sad sad soul. BREATH.....But, worrying every day about that happened to my kids, contemplating home school, shielding, protecting keeping them safe at home forever is not the answer. Trying to control life and manipulate everyone like a bunch of pieces in a game is also not the answer. I was making my life way too complicated and it was feeling like a jacket that is itchy and you want to throw out even though you spent a fortune on it. 

Enter TM. Was is Tm you say? Well, TM stands for transcendental meditation. A from a meditating unlike any other kind. You don't concentrate, you don't try, you just simply learn this easy uncomplicated technique the easiest most simple thing you can imagine despite my trying, in the beginning to also complicate it. It cant be done. BREATH! I also wanted my whole family to do it but force I wouldn't do but suggest possibly, take along I felt was reasonable, so I brought my 13 year old daughter Bella to learn with me and she is actually like everything she does a star bc she is so uncomplicated and pure. So doing TM twice a day is quickly dissipating the crazies. I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have learned this and to have been blessed with the ability to have this in my life. I am a new person. I am not nervous, anxious, worried, sad, upset, full of what ifs, what mays and what woulds. I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that the universe will take care of me and my family and that if I keep trying to be a better me, if I keep letting go of the need to control and manipulate, if I keep believing that life is not about worrying about everything that will never happen but for living happily ever after for today and appreciating the blissful angels that are my girls and husband and that I have them because I am a blissful angel who should have a happy blessed fortunate life free from the crazies.

If you are like I was and you feel you need a change, or you are fine with life, or if you are somewhere in between, also try this amazing form of meditation because you will be amazed at how much better your life becomes. I PROMISE! You can find a TM teacher at It will be the best investment you have ever made for yourself. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! 



July 29, 2012

Beth's Yummy Pasta Recipe

My whole life I've been pretty thin.I have always been able to eat pretty much whatever I want....Until I turned 40. Then suddenly I noticed the scale creeping up slowly as I sat in disbelief. I work out with a friend and we indulged and got a personal trainer 2 x week. She has us work really hard for an hour combining free weights with machines, we do kick boxing and we definitely keep it interesting but it's hard. I figured that would effect my weight gain without having to change my eating habits. 

Now to give you a bit of "me", I am not a huge eater. I never finish what's on my plate, I eat really like a bird all day but the downfall comes at night when I can't sleep and then I could seriously stay up all night eating Welch's fruit snacks. Thus, my 12 pound weight gain. I can't tell you how upsetting it is for me to be so disillusioned to think I could eat like I was in college when I am 45.


Anyway, the other day, I started Weight Watchers and I love it so much. I get 26 points a day and it's been really fun making interesting recipes. 

The other night I made the yummiest pasta dish for my family and it took about the time it takes to boil the water for the pasta. 

Without further ado, I give you Beth's Yummy Pasta (7 points per 2 cup serving). 

Beth’s Yummy Pasta Recipe
Ilb good quality pasta
Tiny bit garlic  (powder is fine)
2 tlbs extra virgin olive oil
1 tlbs butter
locatelli romano cheese 

Boil pasta for 5 minutes or less if you like it al dente.while pasta is cooking dice herbs and put aside. Drain pasta but do not rinse and put back into bowl. Toss pasta with olive oil and butter well. Sprinkle tiny bit of garlic powder or I use Goya adobo because it has salt too. Sprinkle salt pepper herbs into pasta well. Last put cheese on to taste so cheese coats everything. 


Beth xoxo

February 23, 2012


When I was 12 0r 13 my mom decided we would have an annual tradition of celebrating my birthday in a special and unique way and because we lived on Long island, going into NYC was 45 minutes away by car or train making it very accessible. Every birthday she would take me shopping to a special store and we ‘d have lunch in a cool place. One birthday we went to Boyd Chemists and then to Henri Bendels shopping. It was a birthday I’d never ever forget because she bought me my first set of makeup and then we went shopping in a store that ended up being my favorite place to go for years to come. One of Manhattan's chicest shopping environments, Henri Bendel is a girls' candy store, where ladies go to find the new and the next in accessories, cosmetics, gifts and fashion. Since 1895 signature brown and white striped Henri Bendel shopping bags have been spotted on the arms of stylish young women all around NY and around the world. Bendel's luxury heritage and eye for the new, has made shopping there a rite of passage for elite young women for more than 100 years In April 2009 Henri Bendel stopped carrying apparel, choosing instead to focus on fashion accessories, cosmetics, and gift items such as candles. This place is special and if you ever have the opportunity to go to NY you need to experience this wonderful place. Since they have decided to nix fashion I have not tired in my love for this place. One of my favorite places to go in Bendels is on the second floor artisanparfumeur

It has such fine wonderful fragrances that are some of my favorites.
Where am I going with all of this?

Well, my friend and I decided to take our daughters, both 11 in to the city to Bendels and get them makeovers and we ended up buying them perfume and we had one of the best days ever.

After that we went to see Jersey Boys which was so fantastic. I actually would love to see it again. We went to the Stardust Diner for dinner before the show which was a really fun time too. We got talked into traveling via bicycle taxi to the diner which my friend and I were not really too thrilled about but we both ended up laughing our asses off. 

Anyway my point to this post is that I feel really good about having carried over the traditions my mom started with me which really shaped a big part of who I am today.  She always tried to instill in me the importance of experiencing culture but also how important it is to have style, grace, polish, charm good manners, refinement and class. 

I have tried to do the same for my daughters Isabella and Julia. Julia is 6 so she is young but Isabella, being 11 is such an example to me of a young woman (almost) who has everything I can ever want my daughter to possess and more. She has her flaws but she is perfect to me because she has charisma that makes people turn around when she enters a room. And the best part is she has absolutely no clue how breathtakingly gorgeous, sweet and amazing she is. She is humble, kind and charming and I am so proud. I was smiling with pride yesterday as one person after the other kept complementing Isabella on her beauty but also her poise too. I felt like I had a lot to do with the young lady she is today just as my mom did for me when I was her age. I guess the point of my ADD, where is she going with this is.....Please take the time to share special moments with your daughters and or sons. You will totally enjoy sitting back and watching your efforts come alive in your amazing kids as I did. What’s better than that?
Xo Beth

February 4, 2012

Valentine Crayons

So I was flipping through my favorite new addiction, Pinterest and i saw something that sparked a creativity idea that I could do with my younger daughter Julia. They were......drum roll please....

Valentine crayons

I used discarded ,often thrown out crayons my kids have no interest in and peeled the paper off with an old potato peeler. First tried it manually with my newly manicured fingers and was getting very annoyed. 

Aren't they so edible. Please don't get any ideas about eating them I simply say that because when I love something i say it's edible. Here's another picture.

I'm sooo excited and my kids love them because they make the coolest effects that are multicolored. Could ya just kvel?

So simple to make you either use valentine cupcake or cookie tins which I bought for like 1$ and I took the old neglected crayons and peeled the paper off. Then preheated the oven to 350 degrees and I baked for 5 minutes and then place in freezer. Oh wait first I sprayed the sheets with pam.

Then...I got the idea of giving them to Julia's classmates instead of candy because why would I want to do the same thing year after year even though I have the best idea from Martha Stewart for dot candy heart that are so adorable and these are edible.

courtesy of Martha Stewart

Anyway it was loads of fun and you all should try it. 

Xoxo Beth

January 28, 2012

It's exhausting being me sometimes

Did you ever stop midstream in the midst of your day and realize how certifiably crazy you are? Today was one of those days. Being a mom is so wonderful and its my favorite job in the whole world but sometimes the monotonous day to day activities you do for your children, i.e.; driving them around can get really boring and for me I feel especially "without a life" tonight as I sit alone on a Saturday night when I was supposed to be sleeping in the city with hubbie in a really nice hotel. Why???

Well... the story of my life.... I say yes to everything including my husband. Sometimes I do it because to get him to stop talking and asking me questions. Sometimes I just have no idea what to say because I know that whatever I say I want to do at that moment will inevitably change by the time dinnertime rolls around and the pure routineness of my day will exhaust me leaving me uninterested in doing anything but getting under my covers, sometimes with my blankie and thumb. (I'm lying about the blankie but I didn't get rid of it too long ago)! and I still suck my thumb. 

So, when my husband originally proposed this idea of going into the city (NYC) because I live in the suburbs of NYC in Westchester County, it seemed like so much fun. daughters friend invited her to a party for tonight at 5-7 pm in Greenwich Connecticut. Now my plans for the getaway with the hubs started changing because to be able to keep with the original plan Isabella would have to bag the party and she wouldn't do it. SO...At this point I'm saying OK so I won't spend Saturday in the city I will go in after the party and then take the girls with me because I had originally planned on the city weekend being an adult only slumber party with my hubbie but because of my girls busy lives I couldn't work out the driving around for them and me be in the city. I have a wonderful babysitter who I trust but not to drive more then around the block. So, in the midst of my plans falling apart my husband who is clueless about why I can't keep a plan keeps calling me to ask when I’m getting to the city what I'm doing and blah blah blah. At this point I'm totally overwhelmed with the driving, the dancing, the birthday parties, the being ignored by my daughter while she receives another oh so unnecessary text from one of her friends that I had a headache the size of Texas and my interest in the city despite my husband
trying to entice me with yet another persuasive call about how the city was so alive was gone.

So I lay here with a bag of hard pretzels, a glass of wine and a sleeping 6 year old in my bed whistling out of her nose as we speak and my husband  just called to say goodnight. 

It really is exhausting being me sometimes!

Xoxo Beth

January 17, 2012

You are invited

My nephew Ryan, who is the greatest little boy in the whole world, is having his
Bar Mitzvah in November. My sister-in-law has been sharing with me some issues she has been having with people. People who have zero manners. ..

First let me say if your child is not included on the invitation, guess what? They weren't invited. What ever you need to do to deal with that you need to do but no matter what people, and I mean no matter what, do not call the invitee and ask to bring your children, your aunt Mary or your friend's child who is staying for the weekend, Capisci? 

I don't care if it's your best friend and you are so hurt, If you are or your kids are not invited to something that perhaps you think you should be, too bad. Deal with it privately, go to therapy, complain to your husband that you are so hurt, call the national guard for all I care but do not under any circumstances call the invitees and confront them about anything you feel about not being invited or your kids not being invited or only one of your kids being invited or that you don't have a babysitter and you want to bring them or that you invited them and therefore you feel your kids should be invited. All of that may be well and good but the fact still remains that this isn't your party, and it's never ever good manners to express your opinion about who wasn't invited. It's really none of your business and it's really very tacky so listen to me and swallow the hurt and move on, please.

And let me also say that it's not a mistake, don't call because as much as it may be impossible for you to grasp how they could leave out your precious perfectly mannered child, if they haven't put there name on the invite, THEY ARE NOT INVITED.

It's not your place to find out why they excluded your kids because they have there own good reasons why, they've obviously given this some careful thought and it's none of your business, they owe you nothing and they need not explain. Capisci x 2?

If you do decide that you can't help but open your mouth and express your opinion you  undoubtedly will regret it and  you will most definetely end up feeling oh so stupid  and we don't want that correct? It's better to shut your mouth pretty much all the time vs being honest and open in most cases in life. Trust me when I've been honest about being hurt because of exclusion vs keeping my big mouth shut, I always seem to feel so much happier and more in control when I keep my hurtness to myself.

When you allow that urge to overcome your better judgement, you will always end up feeling like a lunatic. It is a very strong urge, I know but don't under any circumstances, ever give into the need to tell someone how you feel about something that needs no airing.

The reality is as much as it sucks some times to be left out or your kid is left out, if the invitee wanted you or your child there, your names would be on the invitation.

So listen to me because I know what I'm talking about. I've beem on both sides of this conundrum and I always fare much better when my big mouth remains closed. 

Xoxo Beth

You smell awesome what perfume are you wearing?

If you want to smell totally awesome and have people stop you and ask you where you got your perfume the follwing list of perfumes you can't ever go wrong with. trust me girls you will be thanking me later.

Bulgari Green Tea

Quelque Fleur

Annick Goutal Eau de Hadrien

Xoxo Beth